Republicans Take Control of NC Government!

This is the beginning of an exciting time for Republicans in North Carolina (Raleigh News Observer Article about the GOP taking control). Please take time to communicate regularly with our Republican Elected Officials! Contact them to let them know how you feel about important upcoming votes and issues (Keep up with the legislative schedule and events here). Encourage them when they vote the way you like. Don’t take their hard work for granted. The liberal Democrats will be working and planning to try to defeat them at every opportunity and the 2014 is not something we can sit back and expect to keep.

If we want solid conservative principles to turn around the government and economy of our great state, we must stay involved. Ask your elected officials how you can help THEM let others know the great things happening in our state. The media won’t be reporting the positive outcomes, WE THE PEOPLE will have to do it.


URGENT: Voting Machine Problems in Burke County

*****URGENT! We had three reports yesterday IN BURKE COUNTY of voters choosing Romney but the voting machine showed Obama. This was reported to the Board of Elections director, Debbie Mace and also to the NCGOP hotline. PLEASE make sure your vote is recorded properly. Also, alert the election officials at the voting location that you are having the problem. If you do not get satisfactory assistance, please call our headquarters at 828-430-3099  OR  828-448-7206 right away and we will get you the information you need to make a report.

Conservative Voter Guide for Burke County NC! #NC11 #NCPOL #NCGOP

Here is a handy guide to take to the polls with you when you vote in Burke County, North Carolina! You can download and print it, or go here to print it.

Please make sure you check the voting machine to see that your votes were recorded correctly.

Obama in Petty Attack Mode Because His Record is a Failure

Since President Obama has brought nothing other than four years of job-killing policies, and more debt to America, all we’re seeing from him is petty attacks and sarcasm instead of talking about what he’s done and what he will do.

Mitt Romney: “Attacking me is not an agenda. America must lead. And for that to happen we have to strengthen our economy here at home. We can’t have 23 million people struggling to get a job.”

Burke County GOP Reagan Day Dinner

Burke County GOP Reagan Day Dinner
Date: Saturday, October 27th
Location: Community House, 120 North King Street, Morganton, NC 28655 (Directions)
Time: 5pm reception – Meet and Greet the Candidates
5:50pm Program Begins
Mark Meadows will speak first
NC Supreme Court Justice Paul Newby will speak after dinner
State and Local candidates will also have time to speak
Cost: Tickets are $25 a person, Table Sponsors can reserve a table for 8 for $200

Please use the form below to RSVP.

Important Dates on the Election Calendar

Please make sure you have the following information noted on your calendar:

  • October 18, 2012 – One-stop absentee voting begins.
  • October 30, 2012 – Last day to request absentee ballots in writing.
  • November 3, 2012 – One-stop absentee voting ends.
  • November 5, 2012, 5pm – Absentee ballots must be received in County Board of Election offices by 5:00 p.m.  If mailed, returned absentee ballots will still be timely if postmarked on or before Election Day, and received no later than 5:00 pm on November 9, 2012.
  • November 6, 2012 – General Election Day – polls open 6:30am – 7:30pm

Joe Biden Admits Obama Policies Have Buried the Middle Class

From the Romney campaign:

Today while in Charlotte, Vice President Biden admitted what middle-class North Carolinians already know – with over 56,000 jobs lost, they’ve been “buried” by President Obama’s failed policies. Even he seems to agree we can’t afford four more years like the last four years.

“Vice President Biden made a stunning admission today and we couldn’t agree more: the middle class has been ‘buried’ under the last four years of this President’s policies. Under President Obama, the middle class has suffered from crushing unemployment, rising prices and falling incomes. They can’t afford to be ‘buried’ for four more years. Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan will take our nation in a new direction and are offering exactly what hardworking families need – real reforms for a real recovery.” – Robert Reid, North Carolina Communications Director, Romney for President

Today, Vice President Biden Said The Middle Class Has “Been Buried In The Last Four Years” Under President Obama:

Vice President Biden Said The “Middle Class … Has Been Buried In The Last Four Years.” BIDEN: “This is deadly earnest. How they can justify, how they can justify, raising taxes on the middle class that has been buried in the last four years.” (Vice President Joe Biden, Remarks, Charlotte, NC, 10/2/12)

President Obama’s Policies Have “Buried” The Middle Class With Falling Incomes:

  • More Than Twenty-Three Million Americans Are Unemployed, Underemployed, Or Have Stopped Looking For Work. (Bureau Of Labor Statistics,, 9/10/12)
  • Pew Research: “The Middle Class Has Shrunk In Size, Fallen Backward In Income And Wealth…” “Since 2000, the middle class has shrunk in size, fallen backward in income and wealth, and shed some—but by no means all—of its characteristic faith in the future.” (“The Lost Decade Of The Middle Class,” Pew Research, 8/22/12)
  • Since President Obama Took Office, Median Household Income Has Declined By Over $4,500. “Median household incomes have fallen 8.2 percent since President Obama took office and continue to drop despite the official end of the  recession, a new study shows. Data compiled by Sentier Research found that since the economic recovery technically began in June 2009, median household income has dropped 5.7 percent. As of August, that median income was $50,678 — also down 1.1 percent from the month prior.  And since Obama took office in January 2009, the median income has fallen 8.2 percent, from $55,198 to its present figure.” (“Household Income Down 8.2 Percent Since Obama Took Office, Study Shows,” Fox News, 9/26/12)
  • “Almost Every Group Is Worse Off Than It Was Three Years Ago, And Some Groups Had Very Large Declines In Income.” “‘Almost every group is worse off than it was three years ago, and some groups had very large declines in income,’ Green, who previously directed work on the Census Bureau’s income and poverty statistics program, said in a phone interview today. ‘We’re in an unprecedented period of economic stagnation.’” (Jeff Kearn, “U.S. Incomes Fell More In Recovery, Sentier Says,” Bloomberg, 8/23/12)
  • In 2011, 46.2 Million People Lived In Poverty – Nearly One In Six Americans. “About 46.2 million people, or nearly 1 in 6, were in poverty. That is not statistically different from the 15.1 percent who were impoverished in 2010.” (“Census Bureau: Poverty Rate Remains At 15 Percent,” The Associated Press, 9/12/12)
  • “A Record 46.7 Million Americans Received Food Stamps In June…” “A record 46.7 million Americans received food stamps in June, up 0.4 percent from the previous month, the government said. Participation was 3.3 percent higher than a year earlier and has remained higher than 46 million all year as the unemployment rate has stagnated just above 8 percent. New jobless numbers will be released Sept. 7.” (Alan Bjera, “Food-Stamp Use Climbed To Record 46.7 Million In June, U.S. Says,” Bloomberg, 9/4/12)
  • Since President Obama Took Office, The Average Cost Of College Has Increased By 25% At Four-Year Public Schools Across The Country. (“Trends In College Pricing,” College Board, 2011)
  • The Kaiser Foundation Reported That The Average Cost Of Family Health Care Premiums Have Increased From $12,680 To $15,745 – An Average Increase Of Over $3,000 Per Family. (“Employer Health Benefits, 2012 Annual Survey, Exhibit 6.4” The Kaiser Family Foundation, 2012)
  • Under President Obama, Gas Prices Have More Than Doubled From $1.85 Per Gallon To $3.80 Per Gallon. (U.S. Energy Information Agency, 9/24/12)