Burke County Republican Party

Burke County Republican Party Headquarters, Morganton, NC
Burke County Republican Party has a new headquarters located at 124 West Union Street in Morganton, N.C.        Phone Number:   828-430-3099

September 6 – November 8 the GOP Headquarters will be open Monday thru Saturday 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. 

Anyone wishing to volunteer time at GOP Headquarters should call the GOP Headquarters at (828-430-3099). 

You can parallel park in front of our location, and there is additional parking behind the building on both sides of the street.


Burke County Republicans held their Biennial Convention in March 2015 and elected officers for a 2 year period:  Chairman – Richard Epley, First Vice Chair – Chuck Parris, Second Vice Chair – Tim Buff, Secretary – Heather Ward and Treasurer – Sandi Walker.   Executive Committee Members are State Senator Warren Daniel, State Senator Mike Hager, State Representative Hugh Blackwell and County Commissioners Johnnie Carswell, Jack Carroll, Maynard Taylor, Wayne Abele and Jeff Brittain.



Burke County is part of the 11th Congressional District which encompasses most of Western North Carolina.

The 11th District was traditionally one of the most competitive congressional districts in North Carolina. This was largely because of the district’s volatile politics. It was historically anchored by heavily Democratic Asheville. However, many of the city’s suburbs are among the most conservative areas of North Carolina. The rest of the district was split between Democratic-leaning counties in the south and Republican-leaning counties in the north. Consequently, congressional races in this district have historically been very close and hard-fought.

However, in 2011 the district was re-drawn so that most of Asheville is now in the 10th district. It was replaced with some heavily Republican territory in the Foothills that had previously been in the 10th, making the 11th one of the most Republican districts in the South on paper.

The current Officers of the 11th Congressional District are:  Chairman – David Sawyer, First Vice Chair – Matt Wechtel, Second Vice Chair – Angela Lytton, Secretary – Jim Meyer and Treasurer Ann Dahl.  At Large Committee Members include Burke County Republicans Greg and Cindy England.